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Because lesbians can do makeovers, too!

Five lesbians attempt to make the first all-female makeover show where they teach straight women to defy female stereotypes while simultaneously perpetuating their own.

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The World of Butch Pal

30-minute mockumentary comedy

Butch Pal comes complete with kitchy opening sequences, talking heads, and unconventional before-and-after storylines. It drinks up the traditional makeover show format while giving it the healthy dose of camp it deserves. It should be noted that these women aren’t sexy, cosmo-drinking L-Word lesbians. They’re real, IDGAF lesbians, which creates frequent tension with the veteran reality show camera crew. As the series chugs along we see more moments not meant for the camera, providing glimpses into the real lives of the Fierce5 and the challenges they face keeping their show on the air. We see flashbacks, on-set shennanigans, and glimpses of the Fierce5’s inevitable lesbian drama. While every episode features a “case of the week,” the B and C storylines that began in the background eventually reach front and center, birthing the hybrid of a narrative comedy and a fast-paced reality show. That being said, things get real from time to time. These ladies genuinely want to change lives, and often succeed in doing so in their renegade way. They seek to redefine what it means to be a woman, or at least convince everyone to adopt a pitbull.

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Meet the Fierce5

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LESLIE  (Cooking)

performed by MAV VIOLA

“My motto? If your fridge stinks, you got the right stuff in it”

Anne Burrell meets Joe DiMaggio. Leslie has the classic intensity of a top chef while maintaining the swagger and confidence of an all-star MVP. She’s a big butch with a loud mouth and she is not here to just teach people how to make guacamole and ceviche. She loves cooking and she wants others to love it too. She can be overbearing & blunt, often placing her at odds with the production crew, but it always comes with shade of warmth, however undetectable.

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Crowdfunding Success

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